Transition Year students from Coláiste Na Mí were awarded First prize for their film entry in the Meath County Council Film competition to make the community of Navan a greener environment for the community. Students attended a prize giving ceremony in the Diamond Cinema in Navan on Thursday 2nd February 2017, where CNM Students received a highly coveted prize of film and media equipment and crystal trophy.

The purpose of the competition was to raise awareness among secondary school students and their communities of making the community litter free and more environmentally friendly. The project encouraged students to express their creativity in coming up with an imaginative film concept to capture how students can make their communities litter free. Students used high-tech equipment including a Movie Mount, Rode Mic Kit with Mic & Boom Pole, Sc4 Connector and the use of their iPads to capture the scene, which was later showcased at the Diamond Cinema, as part of the awards ceremony.

Students were praised for their creativity and originality in capturing a scene through voiceover and character interplay. Students were encouraged to create a film that they could put their own spin on, and also develop and learn key skills about key media, film, teamwork and script writing.

Currently TY students at CNM are making a film for awareness of Mental health and wellbeing which can be accessed on the school’s website, and have also written a number of original screenplays and scripts which have won awards at the Bord Gais Theatre Awards over the last number of years. Maistir Carr, Acting Principal of Colaiste Na Mi praised the TY students for their “creativity, originality and leadership skills” which will bode well for senior cycle and their future careers in the Media and Film industry.


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