TY Enterprise Trip

On the 19th of September the TY students all attended the annual enterprise conference in the Trim castle hotel. As we arrived at the hotel we were directed to a ball room in the hotel.

We were one of the first schools to get there. The students all decided to take our seats whilst we waited for the other schools to arrive. When they arrived, the conference started.

The people there gave us a small introduction to enterprise, and once the introduction was over we were given a small break in which the hotel supplied food. After the break, a man called Rob came up to the stage and started to talk about different ideas that won in the past and was giving us different pointers about mini-companies.

Rob then asked us to discuss what ideas we had in mind with our group. He explained that the easiest and smallest ideas can make the most money. While we were coming up with ideas, Rob went around, talking to a few groups about their ideas and telling them how to improve it .

After about thirty minutes , Rob said his goodbyes and we were sent in to a back room in which we were served chicken curry with rice and lasagne with chips. We also were given free water.

Over all I was quite happy with the day as it gave us a really good insight to mini companies and how to run them properly. After this day, I can not wait to start our mini company as I have a feeling that we will make a decent profit from it.


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