Film Making in CNM



Early Monday morning during yet another one of our morning Caomhnaoir times, our lovely year head, Inion Ni Mhioch asked the class if anyone wanted to participate in a film making competition. As soon as my brain registered the question my hand was high up in the air, so along with the media team and a few other students written on her list she left.


Wednesday rolled around and like a bolt of lightning as time passed in a flash. Just like that we were being called into the old music room for a meeting. There a man from Wriggle waited for us to explain the process and show us the tools we would be using. Needless to say we were all pretty excited to see what this new undertaking would entail. He talked us through the rules of the competition and the theme we would be doing the movie on. After what seemed like hours of debating the exact topic for our ‘environmental’ movie we decided to settle on littering and how we can bring awareness to this growing problem.


The group shot ideas off like bullets, quick and precise. We spent the next half an hour of so deciding what plot our movie would follow and who would play what part in it. After the hard part was finished we decided to head off to the yard and begin filming. Due to the inevitable spoilers I am bound to give away I won’t go into the plot but what I can say the filming was quite hand but interesting nonetheless, so after the final shoot we decided to call it a wrap and go back to school to add the last editing touches.


The next day was similar in workings as we once again met up in the old music room to discuss and plan the day’s work. Unfortunately because of ongoing classes we were forced to move to the music room. Once there the two Wriggle men split us up in two groups. One for filming and the other for editing. I along with my friends ended up on the filming team. Boom mic tripod and group in tow we headed for the yard once again to film the finale to our, in my opinion, amazing movie.


We had to shoot a few times in order to get the perfect film because of a few unnamed ‘serial gigglers’ and confused passers. Filming bottles is quite as interesting as one imagines but with an hour of filming under our belts we were ready to return to the editing room with time left to spare.


As a few of us waited for the editors to finish we decided to work on our side assignment for history. We began shooting a movie on the one and only Pablo Escobar a few days prior and decided that this would be the perfect time to ask for the permission to borrow some of the equipment to shoot better quality video. Of course after what I consider a convincing question we were trusted with filming until the editing was finished.


The boom mic added quality to our already amazing video and soon we were finished even before time. So the group decided to return to the editing room to see how the project was going. Possibly minutes after our return the Littering Movie was complete and we were left with some time to spare. The movie experts decided to test our knowledge in movie posters and theme songs which we obviously passed with flying colours.


Just as it had come the school day finished with the never changing class bell. Satisfied we took a group photo and packed up for home time.


In my opinion those two days were among the most memorable in my time at this school, the knowledge I gained has certainly transferred to my day to day life as now for my young entrepreneur competition with my fellow media team buddies have chosen to create a mini movie company. Be on the look out for that around the school.

~Lea Pesic


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