Flying High: Drones in Coláiste na Mí


An article by Artjoms Zagrebins

One of the photographers from Life of Reilly came to our school to talk about his life as a photographer. The story of him being a photographer began from him just taking pictures for family members, people said that he had a talent and so he continued doing what he liked. We were all intrigued by the fact he worked very hard to achieve his dream which was becoming a photographer. After he talked to us he passed around his cameras, he had two canon cameras and one Sony , he explained to us the difference in the lenses and when to use them. Most people agreed that they liked the Sony camera more as it was a good bit lighter and had a better look to it. As everybody was discussing the cameras, he took out his drone and everybody’s attention was drawn to it immediately. He attached his gopro on to it and said he was ready to put it in to action. After this, we went outside and we formed the letters “TY “and were ready to take the aerial photograph. When the photographer launched the drone we couldn’t help but look as it was hanging in the air at a ridiculous height. As it landed we were all cheering and thanking the photographer for coming and inspiring us to achieve our dreams.


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