CNM’s First Junior Cert Results.

The day started off with the senior students guessing what they got in each subject. We knew that we would not be getting the results until the end of the day. So to pass the time we continued class as we normally would. A couple of students including myself were exempt from class to work on posters for the school, as we had entered a competition the day previous. While the day went on it was very obvious to notice that the students nerves were rising ever so slowly as the end of the day was nigh. As we were all patiently waiting, the intercom came asking all TY and LCA students to make there way to the assembly area. It was finally time and all the students started really to panic, wondering if they did okay or if they had failed anything. Just before we were given our results, Maistir Carr gave us a small speech telling us that he was quite happy with the results overall which gave us a little ease. Once he had finished we were separated into our class groups from last year. Finally the results had started being giving it out. The teachers were giving them out in alphabetical order. Eventually it came to my result. I very blatantly looked at the envelope questioning whether or not to open them. It took me about two minutes to finally decide to open it. Once I had opened it took me another two minutes to actually look at it with my nerves. I finally decided to look at my results and I was overly happy. I looked around to all the students jumping around as they’d gotten a good mark as well as friends hugging each other if they did well. We all (mostly) walked out with smiles on our faces. In general we were all quite happy with our results and so were our parents.

~Kian & Lea


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